Jibro aspires to become globally prominent in each of our chosen businesses while enhancing the services to the contemporary needs of our customers.


Jibro was established in 2017. It began as a simple concept of bringing Nepalese hard cheese candy “churpi” in the Western Market. In Nepal, it is common for people to suckle on a 100% cheese cube of about 1 cm that tends to last for about half an hour, giving the satisfaction of a chewing gum. However, unlike chewing gum, this cheese not only provides protein, vitamins and minerals, it also keeps you awake and fresh (while suckling) just like an energy candy.


Jibro Foods started ready to eat food seasoning distinctly for rice, noodles, pizza etc. under the brand “Valacha”. A traditional Burmese seasoning that comes in different flavors. The seasoning simply enhances the taste and makes the food mouth-watering naturally. Once tried, you can't have enough of it.
Jibro Foods introduced the purest form of traditional Himalayan recipe ghee. The ghee is made out cow’s milk only and has no preservatives at all. The company also introduced flavored ghee which can also be used as a spread on the bread, tortilla, naan or simply mixed with noodles, rice or any ready to eat food.
Jibro is taking steps on technological services with focus of providing apps to specific customer-base making their journey memorable and entertaining to all.
Jibro is taking steps on bringing diet, dine and delivery services to the contemporary needs of the world.